Resolving Issues For Real People 

"I come from a strong working class family that taught me the value of hard work and I have been involved with public service for as long as I can remember and I want to work for you! We need to create more opportunities for those struggling to make ends meet, create higher wage jobs for city workers, improve our public schools for our neighborhood children, and make public safety - especially getting guns off the streets, a top priority. As a small business owner, non profit executive and community activist, I know what it takes to find solutions, navigate the complicated governmental agencies, and get things done." -Dennis
Delivering Results: Opportunity For All

Advancing Public Education

Although the city is not the education business, we need to be in the education conversation. Preparing children to be successful doesn't just start or stop at Pre- K. It must continue through middle school and high school. It literally takes a village and as a community, we have to prepare our children to be lifelong learners in and outside of the classroom. 


Dennis supports the community schools model, in that we must make sure that everyone in city and county government is engaged in ensuring our neighborhood children are receiving a world class education. When our children thrive, our neighborhoods thrive. Dennis will work hard in collaboration with school elected officials to help close achievement gaps and end racial inequalities disproportionately impacting our children of color .

Reform Policing Practices

Dennis believes in police reform and supports officers who put their lives on the line daily to protect our families and communities from violent criminals. However, police violence against African Americans must end and will not be tolerated in Chattanooga. 


We can live in communities where the police are not unlawfully killing people by limiting police interventions,  improving community interaction,  and ensuring accountability. 


Dennis will lobby for local and state laws outlining the use of force, to have the county district attorney office hold police and the police department accountable for brutality, and to fund training programs that tackle racism and injustice in community policing.

End The Gun Violence Epidemic 

Dennis'  family is all too familiar with the devastating effects of gun violence ravishing black and brown communities throughout the US. He lost a younger brother to gun violence in 2016 and has been on a mission to end gun and gang violence plaguing our communities. Gun violence in a public health crisis in Chattanooga and is systematically destroying  African American communities. We must do more to ensure the safety of our citizens and create more opportunities for our young people to help them get off the streets and back on their feet. Dennis will create a comprehensive violence reduction initiative that addresses mental health and socioeconomic  contributing factors to gun violence. 

Stronger Neighborhoods: Our Fair Share of City Funds 

Fairness is a good principle in building a city and strengthening neighborhoods. We all expect our fair share of basic needs and public goods. Chattanoogans in every community should have equal access to all city services and opportunities that tax generated revenue are used to help improve communities.


Unfortunately, the residents in District 5 are not getting their fair share of city funding in improving infrastructure such as more sidewalks, street lights and beautification projects. 


Dennis will work hard to ensure our fair share of city funds are reaching the people of the 5th District. This includes more public works projects, beautification of parks and greenspaces, neighborhood street scaping, more social programs promoting the general welfare and safety of residents and infrastructure improvements such as paving and sewer issues. 


In addition, many have spoken out regarding the numerous payday loan companies on Hwy 58 and Brainerd Rd. Dennis will work hard to remove many of these predatory lending companies targeting our most vulnerable neighbors. Dennis believes in strong neighborhoods and together we will build a more vibrant community where everyone has access to all the opportunities Chattanooga has to offer.

Fighting Racial Inequality in Gentrification: Development Without Displacement

Dennis is pro business and pro development but against displacement. There are ways to revitalize neighborhoods without also gentrifying them. One is to use a positive development model that builds a new vision of community health and sustainability that benefits all residents and is more inclusionary to people of color. 


Although gentrification can bring about racial diversity, integration, neighborhood improvements, and greater access to services, Dennis will actively promote policies and enact ordinances that protect tenants and lower income residents from displacement. People of color are locked out of the middle class because of access to homeownership. Dennis will work hard to create more homeownership opportunity for renters in District 5.