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December 11, 5th, 2020

Dennis Clark Launches City Council Campaign: Opportunity For All

Dennis Milton Clark, small business owner, executive director of the Chattanooga Urban Policy Institute and Vice Chairman of the Hamilton County Democratic Party and a native of District 5, is running for the Chattanooga City Council. Clark, a regular in local politics who has run for city council and state house previously, said he will run to fulfill a long-term duty to public service.

If elected, Clark said he will focus on bringing “Opportunity For All” of District 5 and Chattanooga, especially in poor and minority communities.


"We have to do more to support the African American community here when it comes to poverty, economic justice and education, especially when it comes to African American males."

To start, he wants to make sure neighborhoods and programs that benefit them get fair treatment in the city budget.


"We're not getting our fair share as an African American community in a predominantly African American district," he said of District 5. "So my thing is to bring power to the people."

For Clark, that power will come from empowering families and empowering communities through education, homeownership and other means in order to create economic and social strength.

"We have to build communities that don't push out Black and brown communities," he said. "There's a way to improve neighborhoods and infrastructure without pushing people out."

December 11, 2020

Clark Campaign Launches Covid-19 Community Support Initiative For District 5 Residents

In the midst of a growing public health crisis, our city is looking for leadership who can lead— and that’s Dennis Clark. Dennis knows how to create partnerships, tap into resources and work with others to create a public health and economic response plan that delivers real relief to hard working residents of District 5 and citizens of Chattanooga, families, and small businesses, and protects the economy as a whole.


We have heard from many of our neighbors who are in dire need of assistance with utility bills and rent caused by the economic impact of the Coronavirus. Clark says, "I don't feel comfortable asking my neighbors for their vote and not asking how we can help"

The Clark campaign is working with a cross-sector coalition of partners to launch Impact D5, a community response partnership to help support district 5 residents who are disproportionately and negatively affected by the health, economic, and social impacts of the coronavirus outbreak.  For assistance click on "Impact 5" button and complete the form and someone from our team will be in touch with you with 24 hours.

March 11, 2021

City Councilman Russell Gilbert Endorses Dennis Clark

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